Slipstreamers National Riders reports


National Youth Omnium Report by Mari Porton

2019 National Youth Track Omnium


The following links will take to you the reports from our Slipstreamers for this years events.

Round 1

National Cyclocross Report by Sulli Berry

National Cyclocross Round 1 by Thomas Porton

Mari Race Report of National Cyclocross Round 1 2018 Derby


Last year after a proposal from the youth secretaries supported by the clubs coaches the committee agreed to support aspiring youth riders in Youth B category (u14) up to Junior Level (U18) in pursuing their cycling ambitions into National level racing. Various ideas were put forward – Higher level coaching – we could mot find anyone to take on youth riders, equipment bursary, we felt this wasn’t the way forward, however the final decision was made to give some financial help based on actual entry to events, meaning these cyclists were already at a level to gain entry and be selected to race at national level, the club would help ease the extra cost and commitment it takes to perform at this level.

Entry fees and 10p per mile are reimbursed after the competition and the completion of a race report. Hopefully encouraging younger riders to aspire to race at a higher level and give them an insight of whats involved making it less scary, whilst also teaching those that have benefited nothing comes without a cost. I.e. the report.

You will hopefully have read some of the Mountain bike reports written by Isla Mason and Sulli last summer. Now we have entered the cyclocross season and entry to National races is not guaranteed and a rider will need to have at least 10 national ranking points to be automatically included after that its a lottery for any remaining places.