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MTB Regional School of racing 2017 report by Isla Mason

I was invited by British cycling foundation coaches to attend the 2nd MTB regional school of racing following a nomination by club coaches after some good National and regional results in mountain bike races this season. This was held at cannock chase

At the start we spent around an hour indoors where we learnt what sort of training we should be doing, how many hours and how to plan it out including races over monthly and yearly plans. For example the red, amber no green weeks and how many hours you should do in each and how to include these so your fresh and in good shape for your big races like your nationals.

We then went out on our bikes although we were going out for a few hours so he made sure we got and carried the right equipment in case of a mechanical. We rode as a group to the tackeroo campsite where we were given 15 minutes of free time. After that he taught us about jumping and getting air when we had done that well we were taught how to go at the same speed and squash the jump. Which the girls were able to do better than the boys as the boys were told to stop and watch the girls. We then carried on to one of the trail sections but we did some uphill sprints on the way. At the trail we were taught to go quickly and choose the right line on a burn. Which went in on to a short rocky section which we were taught to do as well. We then went to evil slab where I watched a few people do it and so tried myself I didn't make it the first time so tried again and did it.he also taught me I shouldn't watch a section for more than fie minutes. We then went and did some technical climbing before carrying on our journey home.

When we got back we ate our lunches and changed the pedals on their bike. We then were told to organise separate skills sessions one was powered manuals and manuals another was bunny hopping and then ours was uphill climbing. Overall I learnt quite a lot at this session.

By Isla Mason

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